Indiana Radiology Program


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Dental assistants taking x-rays in the State of Indiana must be licensed by the Indiana State Department of Health to do so. The American Dental Assistants Association has a home study package of 6 courses approved by the Indiana State Department of Health for the Indiana Radiology Program that can be completed at home or in the office.  If the assistant is a full member of the ADAA or joins as a new full member of the ADAA, then the assistant can take the Radiology Program at no additional fee on line. To apply for membership in the ADAA, complete the membership application ( on line or download and fax to the ADAA office at (630) 351-8490 with payment for national and Indiana state dues. Once you receive your membership number you can begin to take the courses.

The assistant also will need to apply for an Indiana Provisional Dental Permit to take x-rays in the office while completing the home study courses. The Provisional Permit Application is available online through the Indiana State Department of Health Website, After receiving the membership number and starting the courses, you will need to complete the “Application for Provisional or Student Permit” form which you will fax to ADAA. The ADAA Program Director will sign the form and return to you. You must send it into the Indiana State Department of Health to receive your Provisional Permit. The “ADAA Home Study Courses, 140 N Bloomingdale Road, Bloomingdale, IL 60108 ” must be listed on the application for the Provisional Permit as the educational program for the assistant (“ADAA Home Study Course, address. and the date you ordered the course”) and you must mark “Provisional-Dental”, not student. The assistant may not take x-rays in the office until she receives the Provisional Permit and the permit is valid for 6 months from the date received (It cannot be renewed). The assistant may take x-rays under the supervision of an Indiana licensed dentist with the valid Provisional Permit.

During the clinical training in the office, the assistant should complete the 6 specific home study courses and exams at the end of each course as listed on the second page. When completing the course on line, download the Certificate of Completion at the end of each exam.  The Home Study Courses are “open book” exams and any licensed dentist, hygienist or x-ray licensed assistant may assist the student with the courses.

Once all 6 exams are passed, the employer dentist must sign a Certificate of Proficiency available on the Indiana State Department of Health website  The assistant will need to apply for the Dental Assisting National Board Radiation Health and Safety Exam directly with DANB and can request a “Candidate Guide” from DANB at 1-800-FOR DANB or on line at After passing the DANB RHS exam, the assistant will then apply for the Operators License with the ISDH. The Application for License is available on the ISDH website 

The assistant must send in copies of the 6 “Certificates of Completion” from the ADAA along with the Certificate of Proficiency and a copy of the DANB Certificate to the Indiana State Department of Health with the Application for the Radiology License and the $60 fee.